Parent and Tot

These introductory classes will help you get your child (2-5yrs) ready for ice-skating and to be in a lesson on their own. This program is for those who have never been on the ice before, are unable to stand up on the ice with skates on, or are a bit unsure of the ice and need a bit more time. Instructor will introduce you both to the ice in a fun way while gaining confidence and safety on the ice through use of toys, play and ice props. Part of the lesson may be sitting, crawling and/or kneeling on the ice with your child. Both parent and child will participate and be on the ice in lesson together. Equipment required: ice skates – sharpened, CSA approved Hockey Helmet, warm clothing – snowsuit and gloves. Parent participation is required – must wear CSA approved hockey helmet and ice skates. No ice cleats nor double blades in lessons. Rentals are available at the Arena at an extra cost.