Sport and Fitness

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All Ball

A full ball class dedicated to use of the stability ball. Participants will enjoy components of cardio (on or with a ball), strength, balance & flexibility with use of other equipment & using your body weight. Good workout for your core and improving your overall fitness level.

Barre Fitness

Barre fitness blends all the best of Pilates, Ballet, Yoga, functional training and stretching movements into a challenging & effective workout to get your heart pumping, connect your breath to your body, gain flexibility and lengthen your spin. Using large and small range of motion, you will learn to look inward, reduce impact, develop your inner core and gain a beautiful outer sleeve.

Floor Flow Movement & Dancefit

A fun energetic dancefit & creative movement class that requires no dance experience to learn artistic movement helping you travel across the floor. Incorporate breathe and core work into a full body session designed to develop length, grace, flexibility and creativity. Students are encouraged to wear layers: long sleeve T-shirt, leggins, socks ( knee-pads to assist in slides/ rolls - optional)

Stretch and Unwind

Are you stiff, do you sit all day long, do you skip your stretching after your workouts? then join us for this relaxing 45 min stretch class to improve overall body flexibility.

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