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ID: 8680 Price: $0.00 Spaces: 8 Fri, 13-Mar-20 - Fri, 05-Jun-20
Information: No class Good Friday, April 10
Do you want to become more physically active? Then ActivAge is for you. This is a FREE 3- moth group-led physical activity program specifically for older adults who want to enjoy a healthy life to the fullest. ActivAge will help you feel better, look better, live longer. It will improve and maintain your overall health. You will feel more energetic and you will meet new people and have fun. ActivAge is also a physical activity option for Choose to Move program participants. Please attend the Choose to Move Information Session to determine which program is right for you. This next level is for participants who are moderate to moderate/advanced in their activity levels. Level 2 is a progression and will help focus you on exercises that will enable you to become more involved with other activity programs or sports to continue on with an active/healthy lifestyle.
Day Start End Instructor Location Venue
Friday 2:30 PM 3:30 PM Parks & Recreation Staff PMFRC - Multipurpose Room