Sport and Wellness

Pitt Meadows offers a variety of sports, fitness and wellness options for you to stay active. You can choose from one of the specialized fitness, health & wellness programs or if you want a flexible option check out the group fitness drop-in schedule. We offer a range of classes from Choose-to –Move, low intensity, cardio, Spin, Yoga, Pilates and full body strength exercises. For fitness, please ensure you regularly self-administer the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ). If your interest is sports or gymnasium sessions like basketball, badminton, ball hockey, pickleball, volleyball, etc., check out the gymnasium/sport schedule for a complete view of recreational Adult Sports, Drop-in Parent & Child or Multi-gym use options. There is a limited number of spots per sport session. We do sign-in 15 minutes prior and first come first serve: we do not reserve spots or have a call in process. We encourage you to register early! programs are cancelled if we do not meet minimum registration 72 hours before class start date. Reserve your spot today to make sure your program runs. We don’t want you to be disappointed. For all drop-in schedules, please visit www.pittmadows.ca/parks-recreation/drop-schedules-hour-rates .

SportMEDBC 10K inTraining Program

Whether you’re a runner or a walker of any level, the internationally regarded SportMedBC 10K InTraining Program will help you reach your fitness & health goals in a safe and supportive environment! The 13-week programs, designed by SportMedBC’s RunWalk Coach, Olympian Lynn Kanuka, will gradually develop your strength and stamina so that you can train injury-free and prepare for the 10K distance. You will receive 13 guided run/walk sessions with trained leaders, a logbook with your 13-week training plan, exclusive gear, nutrition tips, fun times and more! For more information, check the SportMedBC website at www.sportmedbc.com

Yoga - Beginners

Our beginners yoga class will introduce you to the basic foundational yoga postures. By moving slowly through each pose, you will be guided into safe alignment as we learn to relax and improve our breathe with each pose. Class suitable for those 'new to yoga' and/or anyone that wants to continue to work on their practice.


Pilates helps build good postural alignment, competent core strength, and mobile joint function. Sequence of exercise working from the mat will focus on developing the smaller inner core muscles within your trunk, legs, arms and back. Small changes reap functional benefits for better awareness to keep you balanced, breathe deeper, and stand taller. Bring a yoga mat and water bottle.

Yoga Gentle Flow & Meditation

This class will combine gentle flow yoga with meditation through breathing and visualization. We will use supported restorative poses to release various parts of the spine, which will permeate throughout the body leaving you in a state of relaxation. This program is suitable for all levels. Please bring a mat and props to use (extra blanket, bolster, or blocks).

Yoga - Hatha Ongoing

This class is a blend of basic yoga poses based in Hatha Yoga. Physical postures help to align, strengthen and promote flexibility. An overall sense of balance is the goal as we target a full sweep of the body’s range of movements including standing, seated and prone/supine postures. Variations offered allow you the freedom to decide what suits your yoga practice to deepen your understanding of the posture, breathing and relaxation techniques. Previous yoga practice is helpful, but all levels welcome. Bring your yoga mat, blocks and water bottle.

Choose to Move!

In Choose to Move, you will receive individual and group support. You will work with an activity coach to develop and stick to a physical activity plan made just for you. You choose activities that you know you will enjoy and are able to do. With the help of your activity coach and support group, you will find motivation and accountability you need to achieve your goals. Pre-requisite: Attend the Information Session for assessment and health forms to be completed prior to acceptance into the program. This is a free program..

Pickleball for Beginners

Pickleball is a net court game that uses a light weight paddle and a plastic perforated ball.This sport is a popular lifestyle game that is easy and fun to learn. When indoors, the game is played on the badminton court. While fun for anyone, the sport does require a moderate level of physical agility.This beginner level is for participants new to the game and/or never played before. You will be introduced to basics of the game and gain skills and knowledge to be able to navigate your play to participate in one of drop-in sessions.

Yoga - Restorative & Meditation

To restore the mind, body connection. This class is a gentle sequence of moves that will refresh your body with slow restorative moves that allow for a longer stretch and relax the day's tensions. Props are recommended. Bring a mat, blocks and a bolster or blankets to rollup to give comfort and support to your poses. All levels welcome.

10K to Half Marathon – In Training Program

A 9-week running program to transition graduates who have completed a 10K to safely complete a 21K half marathon distance. Ideal for runners who have completed SportMedBC’s Run10K training and/or a runner comfortable with a 40mins run/walk Run. Program is suitable if you have been walk/running safely and comfortably, with no injury problems for 3 months leading up to the clinic start date. Two intensity levels to choose from: Run Easy or Run Stronger. For more information, please check out https://sportmedbc.com/10k-half-marathon-program.

Pickleball - Beginner Outside

Let's take the game outside. Pickleball is a popular sport for adults and families that combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. Instruction will cover game basics: dinking, volleys, serve, returns, 3rd shot drops, and court positioning. You will also learn how to access nets and set-up for general play on your own time at PMAP- racquet courts. Great for new players or those looking to refresh their game for the outdoor court. Recommend to bring your own paddles and balls. (Some equip will be available to borrow during lessons)


This free 3-month structured, educational and progressive activity program is for non-active older adults 65yrs+ who want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. LEarn how to improve and maintain your overall function and health feel more energetic and meet new people. ActivAge is a physical activity option for Choose to Move program participants.A fun and social program to get you moving in a relaxed and inviting class environment with like-minded people at the beginning to moderate activity levels. Each class will focus on improving activities of daily living and strengthening muscles for day to day use..

Building Your Business Foundation

Want to start your own creative business, but don't know where to start? Tannis Ross' extensive knowledge and experience will help you get to where you want to be! In this first of three programs, Tannis will help you discover who your ideal customer is and create your Why, Vision and Mission statements. Through these important exercises, Tannis will show you how to apply them to various marketing tools so you can target and gain your ideal audience. This program is tailored towards artists and artisans, but is also geared towards anyone wanting to gain knowledge on how to start your own business. Bring your own laptop, ipad or notebook.

Pickleball Beginner Indoor

Pickleball is a net court game that uses a lightweight paddle and a plastic perforated ball. This sport is an easy and popular lifestyle game and fun to learn. When indoors, the game is played on a badminton court. While fun for anyone, the sport does require a moderate level of physical agility. This beginner-level is for participants new to the game and/or never played before. You will be introduced to the basics of the game and gain skills and knowledge to be able to navigate your play to participant in one of the drop-in sessions.

Soap Making & Bath n’ Body Products

The perfect combo for gift giving! Make soap with nourishing ingredients from pre-blended base blends. In this hands-on class, make and take home two different kinds of soaps, plus a finished soap bar. Explore different ingredients, methods and techniques that you can use to create exciting soaps. Learn about trouble-shooting, history and packaging/decorating your soaps! Plus, using an array of essential oil blends along with botanical herbs, make six different tub fizzers and a bath n’ body oil. Recipes for pet soap, laundry soap and herbal shampoo. Please bring a hand towel & shoe-box to class. ALL SUPPLIES INCLUED IN COURSE FEE.