Aromatherapy - Natural Sun Protection Skincare

Customize your sun protection - worry free! Look after skin and hair naturally by making your own beach and poolside essentials. In this class, make and take home a tropical sun lotion, aloe after sun spray, chamomile hair treatment and a spf lip balm. Recipes on hair rinses and deep conditioners. All supplies included in the course fee. “Pitt Meadows Parks, Recreation and Culture encourages a comprehensive approach to sun safety including having appropriate clothing and hat coverage, as well as using products best suited for individual needs. Individuals should integrate alternative sun safety as part of an approach used in conjunction with Health Canada’s, and the Canadian Dermatology Association of Canada’s guidelines: https://dermatology.ca/public-patients/sun-protection/sunscreen-faq/ https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/sun-safety/sunscreens.html”