Come explore and learn new expressions and/or create some pretty cool art. Take part in one of our art classes or workshops.

Hip Hop for Kids

This is an intro dance class for your child to learn rhythm, movement and basic steps with Hip Hop Music. Come ready for fun and creativity in this energetic class.

Acrylic Painting with Jack Prasad

Learn to paint in an intimate small group session with well-known local Artist, Jack Prasad. Art is instrumental in accessing your creative energy and can be very therapeutic at the same time. Learn the basics of how to paint beautiful landscapes and seascapes of the west coast of Canada. Learn new brush stokes and techniques, experiment with an array of brushes and learn to mix and blend bright acrylic paint to create your own unique art piece. All materials and supplies included.

Kids Dance Rock

For the kid that loves to crank up the tunes and shake, wiggle and dance. This program will be packed with choreographed moves to various radio hits and bopping music. Class is full of fun, laughs and great moments with friends while you increase your self-confidence, boost your metabolism and improve your coordination. No dance experience required.

Clay Art for Children (6-11 Yrs)

Clay is a flexible medium that allows one to easily twist, bend, mold, curve, and polish one’s ideas. During these classes, children will be working with clay using hand and some simple tools, exploring techniques like Coil work, Slab work and Pinch work. Using these techniques along with their imagination and creativity, Children will hand-mold their own clay art and carry them home for use after painting. No previous experience of working with clay required. All the materials will be provided in each class. Tied long hair and closed-toe shoes are recommended. Children can bring their own apron if they wish to.