Sport and Fitness

Take a look at our wide variety of fun, and engaging entry level programs currently available for children of all ages.

Fencing - Youth Beginners 9Y+

Offered by Tri-City Fencing Academy, this youth program begins with a four-session introductory class, teaching the basic actions of the sport, allowing students to progress in their fencing skills in a short time. Fencing is great cardiovascular work-out, improving hand-eye coordination, concentration, mental focus and physical stamina.It provides a fun and competitive atmosphere that builds self-confidence and respect. All equipment provided.

Fencing - L1 Training

Pre-requisite: Fencing Youth Beginners. After completion of a beginners program students enter the L1 Training program and will develop strong technical sport fencing basics. Instruction byTri-City Fencing Academy. A deposit of $100 is required to sign-out equipment.

Fencing - L2 Training Program

Pre-requisite: L1 Training Program. After graduation from an L1 program, fencers move into our L2 and then L3 programs. Students will be learning in the L2 program for 1-2 years as they move from basic skills to more advanced technical and tactical knowledge. These programs are skills assessment based, using an advancement system from the Canadian Fencing Federation similar to other martial arts programs. Students must have their own equipment.

Sport - Dodgeball

Learn to play a variety of different dodgeball games. Come learn all the games from Doctor Dodgeball to Castle Dodgeball. Join us for some fun in our active, cooperative and social setting.